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"Wow, just reviewed 196 transactions and found 12 problems in under 2 minutes! Thank you BooksGuard."

For Accountants

Grow Your Practice

BooksGuard empowers you with new Analytic and Forensic capabilities to acquire and retain more clients.

These new services deliver more value and heighten your role as a trusted advisor.

Go ahead, grow your revenues not your headcount.

Increase Profitability

BooksGuard does all the data crunching for you and emails you when something needs your attention.

With BooksGuard you can provide proactive advice to your clients year round.

Use the time savings to grab a cup of coffee, serve more clients or invest in your practice.


Time Saving Automation

Every day BooksGuard analyzes your books in search for errors, anomalies, risks and opportunities. Over time it learns and adapts to the nuances of your particular business. All without you lifting a finger.

Infinite Memory

During regular bookkeeping the focus is on recent events and it is difficult to remember transactions from 6 months ago. BooksGuard remembers everything and it compares every new transaction with all your historical data; BooksGuard looks at the forest and the trees at the same time.

Smart and Proactive

You are a bookkeeper extraordinaire or an accounting Jedi and you have better things to do than wrestle with spreadsheets, crunch probabilistic distributions, or learn Benford's law. Fear not, BooksGuard does all the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on putting the insights into action. Best of all, BooksGuard will email you when something requires your attention.

Protection Beyond the Surface

Errors and fraud often look normal on the surface. Fraud schemes are specifically designed to blend in with day-to-day business operations. BooksGuard goes beneath the surface and analyzes dozens of potential anomalies simultaneously to help you identify and manage risks.


Starting at less than one billable hour per year, BooksGuard is protection that generates revenue and pays for itself many times over.


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